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I've put a month of Sundays into this Monday

I'm so hungry I almost ate black bean dip with my hands. I'll be ladylike and use chips, like the good Lord intended.

I had a physical this morning, so I had to fast before hand. I also wanted to be healthy and still get in a workout (I'm weird and if I don't get certain things done by their appointed time, will typically not do them. Mostly because I have eleventy-million other things to do that day.) so I rode my bike to the doctor's. Blood work, etc., wrapped it up and crossed the street to the eye doctors, picked up my contacts, rode home (facing 35 mph wind gusts, ugh) then re-watched last night's EPIC GAME OF THRONES episode.

Did y'all know Jane Espenson wrote it? So it was awesome, is what I'm getting at. The recap is up and it's filled with Brad Pitt at the end of Se7en jokes (What's in the pooooooooooot?") and Celine Dion lyrics. As you'd expect for a high fantasy show, am I right?!

Tonight is the Real Housewives of New Jersey!! OMG, this new season is going to be a DELIGHT. The whole Danielle/Creeptasticness stuff is gone, we have just good old fashioned cat fights and hair pulling now. YAY!

I have a motherhood/parenting post I want to write up - we had a major coming of age situation in the house, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. See: black bean dip with hands. MUST OM NOM!
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