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Global Warming is helping my garden (Picspam!)

But it sure is effing things up for others, huh? Massive storm cell that ran from just north of Waco up past OKC almost to Kansas last night. In my area, DFW, there were EIGHT tornadoes. My friends in southwest Dallas had GRAPEFRUIT-SIZED HAIL. That is bigger than a softball, y'all. That'd brain you. My friends in Flower Mound, which is near my in laws, had baseball sized hail. My in laws locked themselves in their bathroom, texted me when it was over. A tornado touched down just north of them by a mile. And my neighborhood, well, the sirens went off, I had the laundry room ready, and we were in there for thirty minutes, waiting for all of them to pass. And they went right around us. I went on my walk this morning and five blocks north of me: a 60 foot high oak tree ripped out of the ground. No rotten limbs, trunk, or roots, just that powerful of a storm. Crazy.

Fun times in the "storm cellar" (aka the laundry room): cats are miserable being trapped in there with the four of us. Smudge decides to take a poop in his litter box (which is kept in the laundry room.) My son is feeding off the nervous energy and won't shut up. Emily is complaining about people "touching her" - child, this is a LAUNDRY ROOM, not a ballroom! Get over it! #2 curled into a ball in my lap, shaking. "Is it over? Is it over? What's that sound!@? Is it over?" Thank goodness my cell phone service was good, I could track the storm as it passed. Also helpful: twitter. Man, I love Twitter. @StoneyboBoney, if you wanna come over to the dark side.

This morning, however, was GLORIOUS. Not a cloud in the sky today. Nothing but sunshine. You can practically hearthe plants growing. I took pics with my phone, so they're not the best, but they're pretty decent.

This is a new-this-year-to-me lily. It doesn't capture the vivid orange, but get a box of crayons. Get "orange" - that's it. Stunning. And look at how many flowers on that ONE stem! I planted 12 of them, I may need to line the whole place with them, they're so pretty.

Another lily, bright and vivid like I like it.

Yet another lily, and this is in front of the yellow one, and there are bright blue Veronicas in front. Primary colors are one, two, three: red, yellow, and blue!

Over by the stone walkway, 1: gulf Muhly grasses, they put out pink puffs in fall, 2: ground artemesia, non-invasive. (A kitty laid in that one), 3: aliums, and these will be big pink balls in a few more days. I also need to move them, they're too tall to be up front.

Way around the side of the house, the gladiolas are starting to bloom. They're almost black until they open, then they are the brightest, deepest red. Sorry for the crappy shot.

Wee thatch of them (I planted 20 corms, I think they need to go deeper to keep them upright.)

Nothing yesterday, then today: Rain Lily! Guess what makes them show up? 1: creeping phlox, 2: rain lily, 3 bright citron sedum

At the end of the driveway the (1) French Hollyhocks (aka Zebra Mallow) is thuh-riving. 2: blue bearded iris, getting ready to put out round 2, 3: pink skull cap, 4: my 7 foot wide, 4 foot tall rosemary shrub. (I have 6 more. They're excellent evergreens in warm climates)

The shallots are bulbing (as are the onions and garlic) and will be ready to pull in about two weeks. I need it to get hot and dry. ...that's what she said?

Aaaaaaaand this is where I'm headed. Kindle + iced drink + lounge (or tanning ledge) = ME, SMILING.

I know it's only Wednesday, but I'm living like it's Friday!
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