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A quickie (or cosina veloce, if I'm sticking with dirty Italian)

I've been firing on all cylinders all weekend, literally a party at my house every single day (different people each time) all weekend, and today is "graduation" from 8th grade for #2. I use quotations because are you kidding me? It's not senior year! Whatevs, welcome to the 'burbs.

Anyway, for those that follow them, I've got a recap of last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey up at HDJM (oh my god, there was some hilarious crap in there) and Game of Thrones from Sunday is recapped, and HOLY CRAP was that a great episode.

Please clickity and help me get the site's monthly total over 30,000 views! (I'm working on non-intrusive advertising, you see.)

THANK YOU, convo tomorrow, I need adult humor time. *grabby hands*
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: game of thrones, recaps, tales of stupid people

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