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"Tre shows the table the card she got from her brother and Mel after that, and Jacqueline is so bored with this topic that she bangs her baby’s head on the edge of the table for an excuse to get away. (Babies are supposed to be wrapped up and put on the doorstep, Jackie. How else does Father Guido know he can slip ornate Christian Audigier belt buckles in their hoodies for the holidays?)"

...I kinda love doing this. Maybe you've noticed? Lol. Of course I'm going to have to try out all of the cocktails for the Glee recaps. OF COURSE I AM. (Mm, orange rum rickey! <-- which would be awesome to go with a My So Called Life episode, I'm just saying. Know your gay tv teens, folks.)
Tags: hey don't judge me, recaps
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