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Glee Recs List (Kurt/Blaine centric) Part 1

I have only been reading for what, two weeks now? But because I have a great flist with discriminating tastes, I've already been saturated in goodness.


The Scholars and Gentlemen universe by mary_flanner PG-13 There are about 9 links in this story, they're all connected (thank you, author!) 3 series within this universe: S&G, Sons & Lovers, and How it Ends. Warning: UST and tissue alert (very well written and touching, eventual character death, not Kurt or Blaine.) I've read several of the remixes, tie-in, and I'm not too fond of them. They're not bad, but it's like having McDonalds after a steak.

One Million Invisible Lines cimmerians NC-17 First time romance, first time sex, hot and sweet

"You Have That Effect On Me" skintightsocks Very sweet first time kissing (followed by a second time) fic, PG-13

Spin Me Around skintightsocks again, NC-17 Drunken boarding school sex romp. UM, OK.

Fit Right Into Me skintightsocks, noticing a trend? NC-17, good LORD barebacking and over stimulation. For both Kurt and the reader. *fans self*

We'll Never Be Porn Stars gleekilicious NC-17, hilarious and HOT (how can that not be great?)

authors to trust
I've not read everything by them, but I've read enough to know that they bring the quality.

flaming_muse excellent, sweet, very "first love" centric
reremouse she brought the excellence in Buffyverse, there's no way she's not doing the same in this fandom (she's on my to-read list, too)
mary_flanner unbelievably wonderful stories, read all of hers (I'm eh on the "remixes" - they don't reach her bar.)
skintightsocks again, read EVERYTHING. holy crow, read everything. I've read most of them, and good hell.
cimmerians excellent smut, excellent writing = winning combo

resources for GOOD fics
Kurt/Blaine Fanfic Tumblr
dalton_library a rec comm, haven't been disappointed yet

I've got a good 10 more fics to finish and see how they turn out, and some are RPF, and I swore I'd never read those again, but they keep pulling me back in. Also, some non Kurt/Blaine pairings to come as well.

And hey, I wrote a small fic explaining the slushie facial genesis. :D

ION, the recaps (with drinking game cards and a cocktail recipe of the episode feature) for Glee will start next week, Wed - Friday, one recap each day until the new season starts in September. I'm having way too much fun compiling recipes (and testing them out to make sure they're worthy. It's a hard job, but I'm willing to put myself on the front lines. Lol.)

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