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Last night: Game of Thrones, the Mavs (hells to the YEAH! NBA CHAMPS!) the Tonys, and Real Housewives. Thank goodness for DVRs.

Did anyone here watch the Tonys? I can't help but love them, even when some of the acceptance speeches are so ridiculously over the top pretentious that I want to bean them in the head with a Dan Brown novel. But surely you heard the Book of Mormon: The Musical won, like, everything? OK, not all 14, but most of them. And they won best musical and Trey Parker thanked his co-writer, Joseph Smith and I lol'd and lol'd. I've had a lovely guy post all sorts of links to the music on my recap of the soundtrack, if you want to read it, listen to it, whatever. Part 1, Part 2.

ANd I have this thing I want to write up about why it's such an amazing musical, esp. after hearing performances from other musicals (Anything Goes? Really? Still?) and how it's post modern and what Glee thought it was, but isn't really, but that's so dorky I can't even go there. yet

I had two camps to get kids to this morning, and another child sick (nothing major, just something that requires a LOT of attention on my part, feh) and I'm feeling tres overwhelmed. I'll put it this way: I've not been able to eat anything yet today. And I need to fix that asap because I have that horrid empty stomach-acid gurgling happening, and a burger and fries would go a long way to fixing it, I think. Mmm, salt. Salt is my friend today. *pets shaker*

And for those that watched Game of Thrones last night and are BLOWN AWAY by the ending like I am (and yes, Smugly Smuggertons that knew the plot of the books, bully for you, but some of us didn't) come share in my Feelings and talk with me. WAAAAH. Also, I worked in a Warren G rap into a high fantasy recap, and followed it with a Lament for Boromir, so I've got that kind of nerd cred working for me. Lol.

winter-is-coming.net has been reccing me as a resource, so that's pretty boss and makes me feel like I matter. Finally, I can put away the torture devices and look in the mirror again! Hurr.


Jun. 14th, 2011 05:48 pm (UTC)
Ahh Lin Manuel Miranda is awesome. He was backstage writing raps throughout the show, if you go to his twitter page (@Lin_Manuel) he posted a video writing it and of NPH learning it.

Oh man, I haven't seen the new version of Spiderman, but jeez the first one was painful. It doesn't help that the guy playing Peter Parker is pretty, and that's about it.

Ahhh yeah, I totally get it. It's funny, because shows like Anything Goes are done to DEATH regionally and in local productions, but it actually hasn't been in New York since 1978. So to us we're all like WHOO COLE PORTER!! pretty costumes!! tap dancing!! Sutton Foster not playing an ingenue!! (although yeaah re: the sinus thing) and everywhere else everyone's so over it. Ah well.

lol and Chicago...it's either the worse show EVER, like it currently is, with Christie Brinkley as Roxie, and them having to dumb down everything for her. Or else it can be amazing, like when the original Roxie from London, Ruthie Henshall came in, and brought a new take on the character, and elevated everyone's performances. But really, 13 years in New York is enough.

And keep on having those feelings, it's what makes things interesting. :D /tl;dr

OH and b/c I'm pimping them out everywhere, you're in Dallas? You should totally see the Hair tour when they go through in September. It's a fantastic production and staging. And lots of slashy boys. *see icon* And pisses off a lot of the matinee ladies, the walkouts mid-show are both amusing and sad. *really done now*
Jun. 14th, 2011 06:20 pm (UTC)
Oh,. thanks for the twitter, GENIUS!

I've only seen bootlegs of performances and the number they had at the Tonys. Ugh, painful.

Oh, ahaha, OK, that makes sense, then. Regional theater can be ABYSMAL. And obv. I'm not a broadway actress (cries for days and days and days over dashed dreams) so I can only go by what I have access to - with the rare occasion that a BW production makes it to tape/broadcast. But then, one of the productions that I am most wanting to see (aside from BoM, which: duh) is The Importance of Being Earnest, which is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES and it seems like it's managing to be both a lovely revival that's faithful AND a bit of a new take on it (one of the women is a man, right? Did I make that up in my head?)

Holy shit, I heard Brinkley was in CHicago and just about choked. WOW. It smacks of daddy buying her a job, even though she's pushing 60. I imagine that's a trainwreck, my sympathies to the hard working chorus and crew.

New takes on old parts I'm always for. I mean, where's the all black cast of Oklahoma with Nikki M. James as Laurey? I'd see that. :D

Wow, walk outs in HAIR?! After all these years? That means something amazing is happening, so OF COURSE I'll go, thanks for that heads up!
Jun. 14th, 2011 08:27 pm (UTC)
Ahh Lin is awesome. And he posts embarrassing videos of himself when he reaches certain numbers of followers. He's also done some hilarious parodies that are up on youtube, like of High School Musical and the Legally Blonde reality show, just search for "usnavi", that's his account.

Seriously, that was one of the least painful moments of Spiderman. I'm not even touching the whole "I'm leaving the astral plane via the help of human shoes!" bit.

Hey, you know, never say never. I know your circumstances aren't conducive to the New York theatre scene, but stranger things have happened.

Um, you know that Earnest was just filmed and broadcast in HD to cinemas, right? I *think* the screenings are already over, but we're praying for a DVD release. And yup, the great Brian Bedford directed and starred in it as Lady Bracknell, and the production was amazing. It was visually stunning, wonderfully acted, and truly showed how it really is timeless. This girl I know is extremely particular about Earnest, and she raved about it for days. Also a show I vaguely worked on, having interned for the producers while it was running.

Nah, it's more like the producers of Chicago have no soul and will let any so-called celebrity do their show to make a buck. They pretty much invented bad stunt-casting.

I feel like there *was* an all black cast of Oklahoma done regionally somewhere, or at least non-traditional casting. *googles* Ah yes, the lauded DC production had a black Laurey and a Latino Curley. And there's an upcoming all-black production at one of Portland's main regional theatres.

Yeah, there weren't really walkouts in New York, because for the most part, it *isn't* that shocking any more, subject-wise at least (omg they're smoking pot! and everyone's groping each other!) but apparently there were walkouts on the tour in some of the more conservative areas of the country. But in general, this cast is great, and most importantly, they have great chemistry with each other (especially Claude and Berger), because there's nothing more depressing an awkward than a Tribe that obviously is uncomfortable with each other. And the staging is great, the director really managed to minimize all the issues with Hair, mainly fixing the barely-there book, so it makes sense at least, and bringing out all the highlights and emotion of the show.

...I swear I can talk about more than theatre. I swear.
Jun. 14th, 2011 09:13 pm (UTC)
Seeing as I did theater for 20 some odd years and have had NO ONE to talk to about it for 10, you can talk theater to me ANY TIME.


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