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Drive-by Recs

CAPERS! Love 'em. Eat 'em. Put 'em on shit. Then... eat them. I highly recommend their salty, sour goodness.
SLEEPING! At least 7 hours a night! Which I did not get last night because I was up too late reading
THIS FIC! skintightsocks A Kurt/Blaine NC-17 first time, first summer with a boyfriend, trying to sneak around your parents tale. So good. So funny. So ridiculously hot. What is happening to me!? Complete, 3 parts, all linked (thank you, authors!)
MALAPROPISM RAPS! Okay, that's a shameless pimp, but I am having a lot of fun with the Real Housewives of New Jersey and their horrendous vocabulary. Worth ethnic, people. Worth ethnic.
mary_flanner has another fabulous fic in the works, but there are three parts left to go, so once it's all posted I'll share to keep you from the pain I'm feeling. (Really, everything she writes is excellent. One of the best fanfic writers I've come across, ever. <-- high praise, given who I've read over the years. I do wish she had a better homynym beta reader, though. I notice them - like, two in five stories, it's not a big deal - because I do that a lot. Alot. <-- not actually a homynym)
CAMPS! Put your kids in them! Wear them out! Watch them excell! Pay through the nose! Wait, that last part sucks.
CHOCOLATE! I need some right this minute, preferably in the form of chocolate chip cookies. To the kitchen I fly!

Poll #1752269 Good idea or terrible idea?

Recapping eps of Hoarders (not in an ugly way, remember)

awesome! I need to talk about it with you, Stoney!
terrible! Why do you do this, you horrible woman?
I'm not sure! I want to make sure you're not making fun of people!
I'm not sure! I want to make sure you ARE making fun of people! Also, I'm dead inside!

Why do you keep pestering my flist with your HDJM crap, Stoney?

I hate it. I hate you. I also hate sunshine and puppies and LOVE.
Oh, I could never quit you, you're the chambray shirt in my closet, Stoney.

I totally understand how Get Glue works.

True! It changed my life! Let me tell you how!
What the hell is Get Glue? Explain.
What the hell is Get Glue? And why are you kids on my lawn?
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