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I'm not cheap, but I am on special this week.

I COME BEARING GIFTS. Metaphorically, unless you have a printer handy, then it's for real. But you have to supply the paper. I guess I *am* cheap.

1. I offer an invitation to come booze it up with me (lol) while we re watch seasons 1 and 2 of Glee while it's on hiatus.

2. You're gonna need THIS BINGO CARD (if you can laminate it, all the better. Hurr.)

3. Then come on over when you have your drink made (recipe at the top of the post!) and relive the fun that was the beginnings of Glee. (Not that it didn't stay fun, but what else are you gonna do this summer? Read books?)

Every Wed., Thurs. and Friday I'll have a brand new cocktail for each episode recap, followed by drunken philosophies about the show. Chime in, bring your friends, link and rec to anyone that enjoys LIVING LIFE LIKE A BOSS.

4. This has nothing to do with Glee, but is about Game of Thrones. I have amazing commenters popping up at HDJM, and one of them (gehayi) left the most astoundingly wonderful ballad to Ned Stark. (Spoilers abound for the entire season - TV show only, though and NO BOOK SPOILERS.)

5. Triple digits outside, and the kids have been playing sports all morning. Imma make them a pitcher of lemonade and some treats and push them all in the pool to cool off. (Then I'll be free to finish this 100,000 word fic that is eating my brain. Links to come when I get further to make sure there's nothing cringe-worthy that pops up later. That's always a pisser when it happens. Got my fingers crossed!)
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