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I have that as a subject header to remind y'all of how I typically keep things around here. You know, with the funny and spazziness. So.... I closed the poll from yesterday because people were getting all serious and personal and not remembering that I was doing what I've been doing since 2004, which is finding ridiculous things in fanfic and laughing about it. HEY IT IS WHO I AM, you can't teach a fish to fly, or a dog to not shit on the carpet. Oh, you can? I STAND CORRECTED.

But yeah... fake character, from established canon, doing something OOC, thought it was weird, and then I was chastised for shaming your mothers and fathers and your pure love, um, which wasn't what I set out to do? At all? I AM BROKEN INSIDE, HOW DID YOU FORGET SO QUICKLY.


Booze is waiting for me, that's all I have left to say about that. HEY WANNA DRINK WITH ME? Because Glee Ep. 2 is up, and the cocktail is "LIE TO ME." And who doesn't like booze? Aside from Mormons. And teetotalers. And people with alcohol allergies. And alcoholics. And my doctor. And that baby I tried to get to sleep with a full bottle of Jack Daniels. WHAT. God, y'all are such prudes.

In fandom talk, I have been writing two different fics for Glee because it now owns me. Guys, I don't know, either. AND YET. Also, I have been reading this fic by sotto_voice, and so far it's really fun, I recommend it, etc. etc. (Nice and long, just under 20K.) [ETA] OH HEY skintightsocks POSTED NEW HILARITY. CLick here, laugh at the Twilight mockery and the funny bidness.

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