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More Karruhls while I bake yummy cookies!

Okay, I'm a dork. I think we've established that. You know the song by Band-Aid? With Duran Duran and Boy George and U2 and everyone from the 80s? Well, here's my version sung by Cordelia and the Cordettes, which special solo by Harmony.

~~~Do They Know about Prada At All? (Sung to Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All?)

It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid,
It's Christmas time, we buy up bags made by Kate Spade
And in our world of beauty, we can share a tip or two...
Throw your Bonnie Bell away, we'll re-do you!

But say a prayer, pray for the ugly ones
With bad skin tone, pimples that weigh a ton
Throw away things from your closet
This means the "softer side of Sears"

No more poly-blended pants suits, no more outdated "Homie gear"
And the big, gross shoes you're wearing
ANd pleated slacks that seal your doom
(Harmony sings to Cordy) Well, tonight thank God it's them, instead of you!

And there won't be gift cards for the crap at Penny's
The greatest gift you'll get this year is us
Oh, we'll pluck your big eyebrows, color charts: the whys and hows.
I mean, do you know about Prada at all?

Buy Black Label...
Don't buy any crappy clothes at all
Buy Black Label...
Don't buy any crappy clothes at all

If you, too, have no shame, you can check out the other samplings here. I'm so very wrong.
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