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Holy crap, am I glad it's Friday Friday gonna get down on *shoots self*

Thanks a lot, Rebecca Black, for ruining TGIF. GUYS I AM SO GLAD IT IS FRIDAY. I have a date with the Mr. and we's gonna get our Breadstix steaks on and I get to wear ADORABLE SAILOR PANTS with a cute boat neck white tee and my faaaabulous canvas 4.5" platforms (navy and white stripe) with caramel leather buckle details and I am SO MARY TYLER MOORE I COULD PUKE.

Except for how MTM doesn't puke, because she's a lady. Whatevs, I like being prissy. I MIGHT EVEN WEAR PEARLS. And clutch them. As I use obscene language, just to keep the public on their toes.

Today is the last Glee Recap of Season 1 for the week, and the episode is "Acafellas" and there are so many lulzy and OMG, WHUT moments in it, that it is shameful for you to not click and comment. SHAMEFUL. I know you're clicking and reading, I see the numbers. (Glee recaps are every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) Read all about my shameful Hag Moments in regards to Mercedes thinking Kurt was into her. (Oh, honey. No he isn't.)

Oooh, we're going to add some great shows over the next week and change: True Blood! Dr. Who! Leverage! That's just for starters, whee!

I steam cleaned the kids' carpets yesterday and made them empty the water well to show them HOW DISGUSTING THEY ARE. So far today: things have been put back, shoes have been removed after entering the house, and dishes are being put promptly into the sink. Thank you, dirty water! Now I have to wash the dog's bed and show her how nasty she is, and quit making those cute faces at me IT WON'T WORK. (it totally works.)

OMG weekend, I am glad to be inside you.
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