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Holy crap, what a morning.

Two more weeks of this summer camp frenzy in the morning, and then life better settle into utter boredom. Mmm, sweet, sweet boredom, how I miss you.

I got stood up by my dad for Father's Day. Typical.

There was a lot of excited shouting in my house last night due to Game of Thrones. RECAP/DISCUSSION/FLAILING here. Come talk to me and hold me, omg.

I have just enough Red Velvet cake left over from yesterday to split evenly with the kids, or lie and say it was all eaten. *scale hands*

Red Velvet cake is totally good for lunch, right? Eggs, milk, flour... [Cosby joke, hurr] OK OK I'LL EAT CHIPS AND DIP, TOO. I'm a health nut, what can I say.

How is it just 2pm and I'm already exhausted? Ugh.

[ETA] OMG HOARDERS IS ON ALL NEW TONIGHT. (And it just won an AWARD, so now I feel justified in my fascination.) Ahaha. Ahem.
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: game of thrones, tv
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