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Zeus was messing around in the sky last night.

Amazing thunderstorm last night, with lightning so bright I could read without switching on a light at times. Awesome. It has been so hot and dry out here that it was most welcomed. You know how at the height of summer the light is too bright? The complete lack of moisture in the air leaves everything looking over exposed? And then the ground cracks, and the trees wilt, and everything just looks super harsh. That's how it's been for a week here (and we're only into June!) I love how you can practically hear things growing after it rains.


For those tracking such things, my recap of the Jersey Housewives is up (with pictures!) and the Hoarders recap will be up in an hour - I have to eat some lunch first. [ETA] Mel's Bachelorette post is now live! And HOARDERS is up as well.

This morning at Emily's swim training (which has four other classes happening simultaneously from babies to the advanced stroke lessons - what we're doing) my BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH HUMANITY happened.

Baby swim is next to Emily's class. One mom evidently has two babies, maybe a year apart. Older baby and she are in the water in their class, and the little baby (less than 4 months old) is in his car seat OUTSIDE IN TEXAS IN JUNE about two feet from the water's edge. This facility is outdoors, as most pools are here, because it's hot 15 months out of the year.

I hear that horrible screaming babies work up to when it's bad. (Note: I do not hate babies. I happen to LOOOOVE babies. That sound is awful to me because I want to OMG FIX THINGS for them and make them happy.) After a few minutes, my stress levels are through the roof. I can't see any adult near that baby, the lifeguard is scanning the crowd, and I know that if I don't do anything, I'm going to hate myself.

I go to the baby, pet his little bare feet (he's in a flannel jumper for crissakes. Again, TEXAS. JUNE.) and pat him, cooing to him, trying to calm him. It works for a bit, but then he starts up again, and I know he needs to be held or something is pinching him in his clothes, he's starving, but... ack! Finally, the mom swims over holding the other baby and tells me, "He's fine."

"No, he's really not," I laughed despairingly.

"He's. Fine." And she gives me that "don't touch my baby!" look. (Hey, in some cases, I would react the same. But not when my child is SCREAMING. And I am so far from "stranger danger" looking it's not even funny. UGH.)

Well, okay then! I left the baby and sat down about two feet away, watching. And of course he winds back up again. OH THAT SOUND IS SO AWFUL TO ME!! Two other moms came over asking what was what (maybe thinking it was my kid? IDK.) and then two toddlers wandered past me, getting awfully close to the water's edge, so I spent the whole lesson watching other people's kids. GOD PEOPLE SUCK. I just can't imagine. And guys, I'm not that nervous mom-type AT ALL. I think kids should scrape their knees, get sick, etc. But POOLS + BABIES = what is WRONG with you!?

Ugh. I'm still stressed about it. Mostly I just feel badly for those kids. Boo.

I need to read some happy stories today to get my mind off it, I think. :( Feel free to rec me epic love stories (no twee, cutesy OOC stuff, please) that involve Kurt/Blaine. (Um, no AU Little Mermaid stuff either, please. Wow. That's uh, not my thing.)
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