Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

wow. champagne tastes good

Crazy stalker neighbors came over to play cards. Are serioiusly right wing. Convinced them that teaching sex ed in school is not wrong. WTF? Got them with the following argument: teaching about your body's changes is natural like catching a virus or teaching fractions. "Well, I think it oversteps boundaries by teaching sex ed, and I don't think the school should decide ehat is important." So, should we quit teaching fractions? I mean, aren't you teaching that to your kids? You're a fucking moron.

I think it was the "you're a fucking moron" that made them concede. I'm like a master debator and shit. SUE!! Worked your joke in! Right? This seems HILARIOUS to me.

Watched "Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer tonight with the kids and decided it's the WORST MESSAGE EVER to teach your kids. Example: Santa checks out Donner's new baby. "Oh, he's beautiful! And smart! WTF! Look at that disfigurement! SHAME ON YOU." Santa actually says "shame on you." WOW. Then everyone hates the crippled reindeer and he runs away. And meets the gay, dentist elf. Misfit is code for gay, BTW. No one gives a shit about them until they need something from them. NICE. Oh! And at the beginning the elves sing a song for Santa and he's all pissy about them wasting his time. Santa's a cock!!

Wow. Good thing I don't believe in hell or I'd be shaking in my boots right about now. Mr. Stoney is "wanting" me, so i think this should just end. My god. Have I made any sense? I made an icon. It might suck. Lesson: champange = tasty. 2 bottles alone? Maybe a bit much. I have corrected a bunch of words. I love my flist. Need Wesley soundtrack............
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