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Update on crappy mom from yesterday + sundries

People should use the word "sundries" more often. And the word "dreadful." I love that word. Oooh, and "mephitic." "The pile of sundries for sale at the retirement home truly were dreadful, and they carried the mephitic odor of mothballs."

The crappy/bizarre lady from swim class yesterday was NOT there with her children today, so I didn't have to go into Full Control mode, which is good.

I wrote just over 12,000 words yesterday, which is a new record for me. Stretching out on my bed last night felt like a DREAM. I'm not used to sitting for that long, and my tush felt deflated. A lot (as opposed to alot) of that was for Hey, Don't Judge Me - we've added new writers, and shows, and there's something for just about everyone. (Everyone that likes the same stuff we do, I should clarify. Lol.)

New things: Hoarders, Glee
Updated topics: The Bachelorette, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Game of Thrones
Coming soon: Dr. Who (maybe this weekend?), True Blood (in just DAYS), Leverage, Camelot, The Hunger Games, Guys, JERSEY SHORE: ITALY is coming. IT IS COMING. I've been working on my Italian (see: Housewives) so I can express-ah my feelings. Can. Not. Wait.

The Eagle is out on DVD, wanna read the best Eagle recap on the internet? Sam's movie recaps are stellar. Just check out the Thor recap or her X-Men recap as proof.

1. Add us to your reader's feed! then you don't have to worry about missing anything. (hurr)
2. Add the feed to your LJ's flist! Do you come here more often? That's the best way to get updated, then.
3. Follow HDJM on Twitter! You'll get notified in hilarious ways. (hurr)
4. Facebook lover? Here's the Facebook page, share, like, communicate with other awesome people.

I should have a tumblr up soon (it won't be redundant, it'll be macros and random craziness related to the site.)

Dude, this was a lot of links. Sorry, but when I believe in something... *sniff* OMG would it hurt you to click? No, it would not. NO IT WOULDN'T, LIZ. Well, maybe if you got a horrible static shock by clicking, then it would. So touch something wooden or rubber and click. PROBLEM SOLVED. B-)
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