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No, I will NOT attend your chocolate party.

So that's a thing now. Chocolate parties? Like Yankee Candles and Pampered Chef and all of the other stoopid pyramid scheme parties that lure women into spending money on "things they need." SORRY. Grew up with a mother that partook in every single damn pyramid, oh, pardon me, "multi-level marketing" opportunity that came her way. No, we don't need electricity, you buy that starter kit of vitamins for skin. Which we'll end up using because you won't be able to sell it to anyone.

Can't I just buy my chocolate like a normal person? Filled with shame at the checkout, like God intended? LOL.

(One mom at the swim lessons is cozying up to me and I knew from the start we had nothing in common. And the "you should come to my chocolate party!" was the clencher.) Guys, I am so good with being by myself, I do not need to just be with people for the sake of it. Does that make me a bad person? Eh.

I am so glad my sister is coming up this weekend, because I have an excuse to make THESE OH MY GOD. It'll be near 100, so frozen boozy melon = YES PLEASE. Also, I got the Mr. an outdoor sound system so we can crank the tunes to 11 and hear them with crisp clarity, so a good time shall be had, I THEREBY DECREE.

QUERSTSHUN FOR THE MASSES: I know y'all are probably weary of me constantly linking to HDJM (well, come on, I'm proud of it, and how else will people know about it?) so I have a poll under the cut to hear your thoughts on yaoi.

Poll #1755136 How to market yourself in a less douchey way

Stoney, how you've been pushing your new site is:

douchey. SHUT UP, god.
a bit irritating, I want to hear all about you doing other boring things. It's why I come here.
just fine.
I have no opinion on the matter.
not enough! You should be doing (I'll tell you in comments.)

I think going to sites like ontd_[fandom related] and posting a link to HDJM is:

a terrible idea, you shouldn't pimp yourself in those places.
a great idea, there's an untapped market!
a terrible idea for YOU to do, you should get someone else to do it! GRIN.

I've not linked to your site on my LJ/Tumblr/FB/DW/blog because

I hate you and everything you stand for. Why would I promote y'all?
because I don't think of doing it? I mean, are you needing me to?
I don't ever pimp or rec anything, that's not my style.
because I never thought of it! I SHOULD TOTALLY DO THAT.
this is a blank option, because I know some of you like to click on shit. You're welcome.

Random tick-offs for people uncomfortable with answering the above questions (aka being awesome.)

smiley face! :)
laughy face! :D
shocked & sad face! D:
monkey face! :(|)
rocker face! lml -_- lml
crab face! V.v.V
robot face! [:|]
POOP! ~@~
Stoney, you need food in your system. (Yes, yes I do.)

ION, that thing I posted yesterday about my daughter? She told me this morning how glad she was that I was taking things back. That she thought about it and doesn't think that's really "her style." Have I mentioned how much I love my kid? Because I do. She's a good egg.

Oh, and the correct response to "are you needing me to do that?" is YES. :)
Tags: hey don't judge me, poll!, wtf no seriously wtf?
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