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Um, you trust me, right?

My husband and I just road tested this drink to make sure (tchuh, you think I don't actually drink the cocktails I make up for the Glee recaps?) and seriously. If you like spicy things, this is your jam. (lol) Tequila and Chipotle Tabasco, TRUST ME.

CLICK HERE for the shot recipe and hey, there just happens to be another Glee recap attached! Would you look at that. (And if you want to start from the beginning, I've helpfully added links to the next episode at the bottom. You're welcome.)

Also, did you watch Wilfred on FX last night? YOU SHOULD. It's awesome. More on it here. Guys, there are AMAZING comedies on FX, it's mind boggling.

True Blood and all it's cracked out glory starts this weekend! Recaps should follow Monday morning. We've got a Tumblr now that will be filled with crazy (maintained by handsomespeck because she's hilarious) so add that to your feeds or whatever the kids do these days. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DELIGHT IN FOLKS.

OK, Imma get into a bathing suit and splash for a bit because it's redonk hot and no breeze and because I can. IT'S THE WEEKEND OMG.
Tags: drunk spazzing, hey don't judge me, recap: glee, recs
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