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Happiness! A pimp! True blood! Crack!

1) I was a crazy person last night, stressing about the bill, and then it passed and there were word parties on people's FB page and I drank waaaay too much wine and my husband just laughed and laughed at me. Good times. I'm so happy for my friends in NY that can be married and not have sex like the rest of us. (Lol.)

2) We have a new writer at Hey Don't Judge Me, and it's crazydiamondsue! Um, if you've been around these parts for a while you should know how funny she is. If you don't, I'll put it like this:

However, in a bit of misdirection so obvious that it’s biting (but not sucking), the first vampire on screen is actually a rotund feller in camo with his 4-pack of TruBlood tucked under his arm. He is, in fact, so trucker hat redneck that [the good ol' southern frat boy she's calling] Puka Shells (Puka Shells! Who’s so “Yee-haw, motherfucker!” that he might as well have “All right, all right, all right” tattooed on his bare chest) dubs him Billy Bob.

I mean, come on. She worked in a Matthew McConnegheyghey joke! (I have no idea how to spell his name.)

GO HERE. Put liquids out of reach. Read. Laugh. Then tell her how funny she is. Oh, and check back w/ her (or follow our twitter account @hey_dontjudgeme or the NEW TUMBLR!) later tonight as Season 2 and 3 will be recapped, then every Monday you'll have your episodic recap to make your day all betters.

I just drank all the apple juice in the world to rid myself of this hangover. I mean, YAY NEW YORK! *woozy*
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