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HoYay in Jersey? Also, wtf, True Blood?!

First, Jersey Housewives. There were c*ck rings in last night's ep. There were offers to taste nuts. There were beautiful firearms. (Hey, it's a Henry Repeater, they're works of art.) Lol. Also, the saddest dance recital ever witnessed by humans happened. I JUST. GUYS. There was much flailing last night. RHoNJ RECAP IS HERE, you need this in your life, I believe.

Last night's True Blood. Uh.
Every season I say, WTF is this shittery? And then Eric or Pam will do something and I will lol, or Russel Edgington is hilarious and a delight and I'm good to go. But this fairy stuff... It's bad enough in the books, but this is OUT OF CONTROL. Also, I don't care about shifters or their politics, I just want naked Eric, WHERE IS THAT.

Aunt Petunia was fuggin CREEPY last night, though. No me gusta.

Sue's recap of hilariousness will be up later today (she has a baby to feed and such, it takes a bit) but in the meantime is RIGHT HERE, she has Seasons 1, 2, and 3 condensed into some of the funnier things you'll read today. It's Monday, you know you need a laugh.

Tonight is Hoarders, zomg. O_O

Highlight from my weekend: my sister, swimming in my pool with the kids, getting into the whitest rap battle ever. No matter what anyone would say, you had to do that "OOOOHHHHHH!" hand over your mouth/you just got served! thing. It doesn't take much to please me. But she's funny and a delight and I like it when she comes over. <3

MONDAY. No summer camps this week. HOORAYS.

[ETA] OH HEY, SAM WROTE A RECAP OF THE HUNGER GAMES and she's awesome so you should read it.
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