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A relaxing Tuesday. Well, for me. The kids, not so much.

Hoarders was on last night, which means that I'm in a cleaning the whole house mood. (I clean my viewing room top to bottom before watching.) I've recapped it and added some commentary, it's at Hey, Don't Judge Me.

The kids have been bickering (a side effect of taking a week off of camps and it being 100 degrees outside) so if you've time to lean, you've time to clean.

  • washing windows and their ledges
  • washing cabinet doors of fingerprints, spills, etc. and the accompanying kick plates in the kitchen
  • cat litter pans emptied, refilled with fresh litter, and cat litter room mopped and sterilized
  • dusting all the things in the common areas
  • all ceiling fans cleared of dust
  • air registers vacuumed

Ah, it's a lovely day in my house. (Trick: have them all put on head phones and mp3 players and hide in my bedroom.) I'm a big believer in kids having chores. Esp. when they stay up later than their mother and leave the kitchen a wreck. :)

I shall reward them with a trip to the libraries and ice creams, for I am not a monster. Well, not all the time. Mmm, Ben & Jerrys on a waffle cone, those are treats we don't often partake in.

My son has two dudes coming over to play XBox and swim, and I know that most of the work done today will be undone, but it'll be nice while it lasts. HI GUYS. (I just shouted into the ether, "Stop fighting or I'm going to treat you like babies!" I don't know what that means, put them in diapers and bouncy chairs? Gah. I am brain dead from bickering.)

I'm ordering pizza for dinner. It's that or they eat a half watermelon on the front porch and I toss cold, hard-boiled eggs at them.
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