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Everyone's cold and bored. Here's something to do!

First off, massive love to crazydiamondsue for her "Stoney Christmas" and "Aural Sue" cds! Woot! And I got a Hannukah card from vinvitveritas that is HYSTERICAL and I love it. Are you looking for things to read? Maybe something short and well written? SOmething that you can really sink your teeth into and can have the images play over and over in your head? Get thee hence to cityphonelines's journal and read her quick Fitb fic about Dru finder Xander in Africa. Holy crap, this girl is one of the best writers on LJ and NO ONE apparently knows about her because she doesn't write lots of smut. Seriously: she is one the best writers I have ever come across and her descriptions of things and people are unrivaled. Then come back and play here.

I had many children at my home over the weekend, and I need to unwind with some PORN! Or at the very least, some funny. Somebody come and play....

In your comment, fill out the answers (cut and paste if you like) and I'll make you a krazy kooky story! Whee! Caution: it may very well suck. I'll do my best.
1. Person
2. Other person
3. Job
4. Unusual (and unlikely that you'd ever have) it job
5. adjective
6. adjective
7. adverb
8. action verb
9. noun
10. color
11. holiday
12. activity pertaining to said holiday
13. exotic location
14. adjective
15. number
16. large ticket item (expensive purchase)
17. noun
18. person, not previously mentioned
19. action verb
20. salutation
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