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Hump Day! Define it how you need it, I won't judge.

I'm nice like that.

Yesterday's museum trip was a success, hit two museums plus lunch, everyone was interested in the exhibits (the cubism wasn't a big hit, but hey, they've been exposed. The early stuff was pretty inaccessible, imo.) but we saw the whole city, saw priceless works of art, we ate pancreas! No, we didn't, but we did eat steak fingers and sipped soda and talked about post-modern art and how my kids actually prefer that (or the very literal works from the 15 - 17th centuries. Layers, my kids have them.)

And then I watched many hours of stand up last night and finished with a show where Dane Cook closed (hey, Greg Giraldo was performing, he was awesome. *sadface*) and counted a good three jokes Cook stole. Damn, that's so Carlos Mencia, come on, bro! Imma watch some Patton Oswald and Maria Bamford tonight to cleanse the palate, they are two of my all time fave comics.

True Blood! Less cracky this past ep, right? Oh, it's still with the cray-cray, but it's not the fairy cray-cray. crazydiamondsue's recap is up at Hey, Don't Judge Me. She continues to bring the southern hilarity (actual southern hilarity, something Alan Ball lacks on occasion.)

Speaking of recaps, I thought of doing the "two years later" Hoarders ep, but it made me too sad in places. Happy for a few of them (like that sad woman that lived in her diapers, OH MY GOD) but the rest of it... Augh. Sorry. BUT! Glee recaps continue apace, and I've changed up the format so that now there are recipe cards for the cocktails. :D YAY COCKTAILS. Today is the LYING TINA 'TINI, because of Tina's fake stutter. (I'm going back and adding them to all the previous posts, and all recaps are linked to the next one, for ease of clicking. YOU'RE WELCOME.)

This was the ep where Becky and Jean were introduced, so I have FEELINGS on disabled relatives, but I saved most of them for the end (the Drunken Thoughts portion.)

And hey, I know a bunch of you click over there (you don't have to leave comments, I'm not going to harangue you) but you could click on the FB like button, or something. You know, if you wanted to be awesome and stuff. (That helps raise our profile, so you know.) :)

OK, I am STARVING, I've had naught but Special K with a banana at 8am and the Donger need FOOD.
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