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Is it just me or is this week dragging?

And it's a short week, too. Maybe I'm just going stir crazy in this house. I could use a vacation from being a mom, I think.

Speaking of being a mom, we had Library/Popcorn Shop day and now everyone's mouth is sealed shut with gummy something and they're in their rooms reading. AHH BLISSFUL SILENCE. flaming_muse asked me earlier about the popcorn shop, and it's really a cute story. The woman who owns it was a corporate shill, working for the man. Successful, but harried. She was in a horrible car accident and almost died, had months of intensive therapy, etc., then walked away from her high-tone life and job to open up this little shop. Candies from all eras of the 20th century, vintage sodas, handmade fudge (um, I almost bought a huge block of maple nut fudge. WANT.) and 50 kinds of popcorn.

One variety they just added this year: Texas Bumpy Road: chocolate and caramel covered popcorn with pecans, marshmallows, and toffee mixed in, white chocolate drizzled over all of that. UM. Dude. That is insane. And sounds crazy good. I just got my usual, jalapeño flavored and a caramel corn. Mmm. Spicy and a sweet. Oh, and a wee bag of pecans dipped in toffee dipped in milk chocolate. I MEAN CAN YOU BLAME ME. No, no you cannot.

Speaking of jalapeños, today's cocktail is the Suzy Pepper for today's Glee Recap, episode 10: Ballads. This was a good one, just the right mix of heartfelt moments (Kurt wanting Finn, Finn and Quinn's parents finding out about the pregnancy) and the right amount of crazy, Rachel stalking Mr. Shuester, a la his previous crush... Suzy Pepper. The drink is pretty boss, too, trust me. It might seem weird, but it's DELISH. (Y'all know I road test all of these drinks, right?)

Thanks to those of you that have been supporting Hey, Don't Judge Me by clicking and commenting, it's very much appreciated by us. We almost doubled viewer ship last month, and are on track for another big jump in readers this month, thanks to people like you. Linking, sharing, emailing to friends is AWESOME.

#2 and I have plans to watch Clueless later today (ooh, that might make a fun movie recap! Thoughts?) because that is one of my fave teen comedies/Jane Austen modern interps. Oh, and Stacy Dash, who plays Cher's BFF Dionne is now FORTY FIVE. She was THIRTY when she played that part. Girlfriend is hot is what I'm saying. Also, aw, Brittany Murphy. "You're a virgin who can't drive." ...that was way harsh, Tai. <3 <3 <3 PAUL RUDD. He is forever dreamy to me.

I have a bottle of Italian red, some fresh Buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes and basil from the garden and delicious aged balsamic. IT IS A FINE DAY.

[ETA] hey, if any of y'all follow ontd_glee and know where the hell their "want to ask permission to pimp your site" post is, help a sister out. I spent two hours looking for it. UGH.
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