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You know, we have a saying here in Texas:

"Don't ask someone if they're Texan. If they are, they'll tell you. If they aren't, there's no need to embarrass them."

Yep, I've seen a bunch of disparaging commentary on my home state from assholes that have probably never even been here. Just because there are some vocal nitwits in my state, doesn't mean we're all dumb asses. Just like how every state in the union (EVERY. STATE.) has something stupid in its history, we do, too. But we also have a shit-ton of awesome, and it's a lot.

Partial list of Awesome Native Texans: Carol Burnett. Cyd Charisse. Joan Crawford. Sissy Spacek. Buddy Holly. Steve Martin. Molly Ivins. Ann Richards. Willie Nelson. Gene Roddenberry. Tommy Tune. ME. We had a Jewish Empressario (in the late 1700s) we had a Mexican VP. One of the Iwo Jima flag raisers was a Texan, Harlon Block. Oh, hey, and the Admiral of Team Six? As in, just took out Osama Bin Laden? TEXAN. Tom Ford is a Texan. Amy Acker. Jensen Ackles. Debbie Allen. Wes Anderson. Don Bluth. Tex Avery. Shelley Duvall. Bill Hicks. Eryka Badu. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Berkley Breathed. Horton Foote. Most of the astronauts.

You know, just to name a teeny fraction of people my state has birthed.

We have prairie, desert, mountains, thick pine forests, and ocean. We have better food in this state than you'll find anywhere (because we have it all. I've NEVER found pit BBQ, burgers, or Tex-Mex worth a damn outside this state. But I've had outstanding French, Japanese, Ethiopian, Italian, Thai, etc. etc. here. NYC: y'all get steak as good as I can get here and we'll talk, because that's what's keeping me from wanting to live there. Well, that and the crazy real estate prices. But you sure can get a lot of good food easy there, that's one of the good things among many good things about NYC.)

You don't hear me saying this state is shit, or that state is awful. Know why? Because people LIVE THERE. It's their HOME. And I'm too busy loving where I live. I'm not going to dump all over someone's home state or nation because that's not cool. We had a super collider before CERN. But the Feds stopped funding because science wasn't important in the 80s under Regan. We're the home of NASA. Yes, we have idiots and we've borrowed some, too (looking at you, Dubya.) But so has everyone else.

My mother's family was here long before the god damn pilgrims were in the Americas. In Texas (Choctaw Indians.) The other side of my family moved here from England and defended this nation-state at the Alamo. I'm a red-blooded honest-to-god Texan, and I kinda love my home. Please stop shitting on it. I'm a good person, and hey, this place is filled with lots of people that feel like I do. Quit being a dick. In case you haven't noticed, I really really REALLY hate stupid comments about Texas just because it became a habit for some people. It's not clever, and it's not funny. And it makes me think you look like a dumb ass.

Now go bookmark "Hey, Don't Judge Me" and read it later when Glee goes up at 3CST. Lol.
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