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Up waaay too early. (And Hoarders/TV talk)

Miss Emily had her first ortho appointment this morning - spacers today, spreader next week, braces the week after. Here we go, round 2. I don't need new carpeting. *cries* (I don't, actually. I need NO carpeting and some hard wood floors. Ah, the dream. One day.)

I was up too late last night watching Hoarders and then, because I'm a glutton for punishment, that freakin' Billy Ray Cyrus (gross) hosted show, Surprise Homecoming. 1) I am a sucker for people surprising others in a good way and 2) I am a sucker for anything having to do with soldiers.

SO BASICALLY I SOBBED FOR TWO HOURS. And I mean, heart in my throat, can't breathe, sobbing. A little three year old boy got all squinchy faced and cried (that sad, tired kind of crying?) when he was surprised by his daddy and I LOST it. I could do without the poor production values (repeating scenes after commercial breaks, ugh) and stupid Billy Ray Cyrus and his "'M all shook up, uh uh huh!" forced accent but whatever. I can (and did) fast forward through that. The Trinidad mom/nurse that got her daughter back from Afghanistan was almost too much for me. Such a happy, loving mom, and that is TOO CUTE.

I'm a boob.

Oh, I have FEEEELINGS about Hoarders and go into it in the recap, if you're interested. I'm using a different format, focusing on each story by themselves instead of flipping back and forth like they do on the show. I'm fixing previous posts to reflect that, as well. ETA: I've gone back and forth with Roy from the show and have put that info in the recap, those that are interested.

The kids and I made double batches of our chocolate chip cookie recipe (hit the recipe tag and check it out, if you want. It's the best I've ever come up with.) and we rolled the dough into logs and stuck them in the freezer. Today we'll cut rounds and bag them, so that way when I want a cookie, I just have to open the freezer and bake what I'll eat. YUM. Crap, gotta get the bread going so we can have sammiches for dinner, whoops.
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