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It's almost Harry Potter day!

We are all super excited to go as a family to the last of the Potter films. I'm not even going to act like I won't cry when the opening credits roll. I have so many great memories of these books and movies with my kids (and fandom, and...) so it's going to be pretty awesome to see them wrap it up in a bow.

I'm sure everything tomorrow is going to be Potter-rific, so I most likely won't be online in case we're not able to see it at the 10am showing. The Mr. is getting home early today which is always a nice thing. I'm trying to get everything done beforehand so I can just relax and not work/type/clean while he's home. I swear, one of the first things to do once his promotion-raise kicks in is bring in a maid. I just... guys, there is too much and I just don't get any pleasure out of constantly mopping and vacuuming. CRAZY, I KNOW.

I finally got permission to pimp out Hey, Don't Judge Me to ontd_glee, and HOLY CRAP was that a smart move. Yesterday's hit count was almost double of what it was the day before. YAY. Thanks, fellow Gleeks!

Today's recap will be up at 1:30pm CST, it's finally SECTIONALS. Oooh, and I've concocted a fantastic martini for everyone that requires that liqueur I mentioned yesterday, Domaine de Canton. It's redonk, guys. REDONK.

Tomorrow's post and cocktail will auto post at 3pm as well, because I'll be Harry Pottering it, I'm sure. OH. And oatmellow has posted her next Bachelorette recap, and Liz is back with Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Surely we have something to get you through you day with a laugh. SURELY.

Tonight is Louie! And Wilfred! I love both of those shows, Thursdays are greatness. OK, peeps, Imma hop in the pool afore I hafta stop writin all kuntry.
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