Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

What a day. And it's not even done.

Took the kids to see Harry Potter this morning. Not a touch of line for the 10:40 showing in 3-D. I will say this: see it in 3-D (normally I can take or leave it,) bring tissues, and go to the bathroom during the trailers. I have a headache from crying. Oh, and not having breakfast. (McGonagall!! I love her. LOVE. Wish her part was larger, but I understand.)

#2 said as the credits rolled, "Now I have nothing to look forward to for the rest of my years," in the most dejected voice ever. Awww, we have had the best memories made from Harry Potter moments as a family. No matter what, I am grateful for that. (And Weasley is my King.)

I have the next Glee recap up, it's the one where Jesse St. James shows up and Idina Menzel starts her story-arc as the rival coach. I love her and made a cocktail in her honor, the Elphaba-tini. It's green, natch. :)

I have to go grocery shopping and it's 105 degrees, it was 108 yesterday, not including the heat index. Oy. We are in some serious drought conditions here in Texas. (I still manage to have a green lawn and flowers without running the sprinklers. Go me! *g*) Oh, the point was that I don't want to be driving in this heat and lugging sacks of food, but everyone's all "I'm hungry" and they refuse to eat the pets. Way to think of the environment, kids.

OH! Exciting gaming talk: I finally have become hip to Oblivion. The Mr. and I stayed up way too late getting acquainted with that game. Dude. Bad. Ass. And you can clearly have completely different experiences playing it from the start, depending on how you build your character. THAT is how you make a game, folks. If you were ever into DnD, and you've not played this, you need to get correct, son.

OK, groceries, and then my monk Elf is going goblin-hunting. NERD ALERT!
Tags: glee!, hp, nerd alert!, recap: glee

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