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I have a new obsession, plus RECS!

Holy crap, Oblivion. I've needed a new game to enjoy, and man, I found it. I still think Fallout 3 is the best game of all time (for someone who has never played any modern games before - last game I played extensively was original Zelda - it does the best job of building up skill set, etc.) but Oblivion is pretty boss. It's a MUCH larger world/game experience, so that's a massive plus. But trying to figure out how to play is not intuitive. There's kind of too much available too soon, imo. But I'll get it! Even if I die every few hours.

Who watched RHoNJ last night?! Good lord, that Kim G is the worst! I would love to actually meet her and give her a piece of my mind. Instead, I'll share it with you in my recap. Lol. Also, I can't be the only one that saw "Cats" in the holiday decor of the Wilkies, can I? So so tacky. I hate that kind of X-mas decor. Simple and heartfelt is best, imo. No gilt feathers and dancing motorized life-sized Santas, pls.

Quick mention about True Blood, some minor spoilers.

more naked Eric and Alcide. (Good lord, Alcide's body is REDONK.)
more drunken Eric speaking like a happy and war-hungry Viking
more hilarious and earnest Eric. MORE ERIC.
more creepy baby and CREEEEEPY BABY DOLL shenanigans
Sassy Lafayette

Do not want
Hotshot creepiness
Anything with Tommy or his families
Anything about shifters YAWN
Any more V = drugs crap. Been there, done that

And now for a rec I've been sitting on for a few weeks. flaming_muse has been writing an A-MAY-ZING Kurt/Blaine first love/boarding school fic for a bit now, and I've been fortunate enough to be reading along as she's gone about it. Guys. I really think it's going to be THE story that people talk about, love, rec for a long time. It's sweet, earnest, and so perfectly captures that first time love feeling. <3 A chapter a day is being posted (It's finished!) and I'm forcing her to write a different version from Kurt's POV (which I think she's totally into, because she's awesome like that.)

GO! READ! Than The Sum Of Its Parts Give her feedback! That might grease the wheels to the companion piece, I'm thinking. :)

OK, off to round 2 at the ortho for The Boy (we had dentist this morning, ortho tomorrow, and then I am DONE carting people in this heat for the week. Ugh, it's been atrocious. Day 48 this year over 100. It's not even August yet. The pool is 92 degrees. That's till cooler than the outside air, but still. We're thinking of getting some big blocks of ice to throw in the water in a few weeks, because we're probably going to need it. Some rain would be great. Sigh.)
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