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A happy birthday and links

Today is my Father in Law's birthday, he's 75. Still running marathons, still awesome. We're heading over to their house for dinner (please, oh, please no carrot dimes) after a nightmare of frustrating calls between my mother in law and everyone. She kept asking us what we wanted to do for his birthday, and we kept saying, "Well, what does Dad want to do?" Then she'd go through a list of options she came up with. And we said that all sounded great, what of those things did DAD WANT? Finally my husband made her put the phone down and ask him. Jesus please us. This went on for two weeks, I'm not joking. The man is a saint, I'm telling you.

Especially if there are carrot dimes on the menu.

In other news, I totally killed some vampires on Oblivion yesterday, and I'm only just at Level 2 (I've not had a lot of play time with the Mr. in the house) so I felt pretty boss. LOL. Oh, and I ignored some laundry, which I'm pretty proud of.

EXCEPT HOARDERS WAS ON LAST NIGHT. [Hey Don't Judge Me: RECAP] So I'm doing loads of cleaning today. (IT wasn't the typical filthy episode last night, well, one of them was, but the other was this eccentric guy who collected arcade memorabilia. He had a ZOLTAN! Apparently this guy is very controversial on the boards as maybe a faker. I talk about it in my recap.)

Other recaps that are live: True Blood, last week and this week's recaps (Sue had some extenuating circumstances that kept her from her computer, trust me, she makes the Hotshot craziness bearable, such is her gift.) And Liz has more Spartacus: Blood and Sand recaps. Mel's Bachelorette recap is now up as well.

And tomorrow brings you more Glee with cocktails, and if anything, you should be clicking for the booze. :D

Speaking of Glee, flaming_muse has posted the second chapter to her awesome story, right here. I'm telling you, it's fantastic. And this fandom needs more talented writers that can spell and conjugate and have an actual plot and a large vocabulary and. Wait, no, I meant that last part. :)

Now I must clean all the things and mentally prepare to hear my mother in law mutter to herself as she cooks dinner. I think I'll bring a book. (Too rude? UGH, they all just sit there in silence, it's maddening. Silence? What is that?!)
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