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OMG, it's been a long day. And how is it cooler here than in NYC?

That's insane. Here it's barely 100F (we've had a 100+ streak for several weeks now), and I saw that NYC and Chicago are expected to hit 107 and 108? You poor things. A/C is mandatory where I live, so we can easily deal with it, especially since we know it's coming and live with hot temps for months, but when you're not used to it... D: DRINK WATER. (And eat salty things. Or drink margaritas.)

Oh, hey, speaking of, today's cocktail recipe for the Glee recap of "Home" is my personal Margarita recipe, the one with the lime cocktail. I've gotten PMs from people telling me how good it is, so I'm not going to act like it's not the greatest thing ever. IT IS SO DELICIOUS, GUYS. I made a huge batch of the lime cocktail last night (8 pounds of limes! My biceps were killing me. And that's with using a juicer.) and I plan on getting my 'rita on here in a bit.

Things you can do to stay cool:
  • it may be ugly, but anything to black out your windows is a must. A thick blanket/black out liner for drapes will drop the house temp by 10 degrees at least. I have a house that faces due west with 2 story windows. The drapes have blackout liner, and our electric bill cut in half.
  • Wash your sheets, but don't dry them. Put them on the mattress, damp. You'll have crisp, cool sheets when you climb in bed, and the slightly damp top sheet will cool you right away. It's DELIGHTFUL.
  • Ice in a towel on the back of your neck.
  • Cold shower, wet hair in a ponytail or braids, right before bedtime

Ugh, be careful out there, guys
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