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It's not a bad life.

#2 and I were up last night watching Glee (prepping for today's recap) and laughing our butts off at certain scenes. I kinda love my long limbed lady, I have to tell you. She's just funny. Then we watched some Children's Hospital, and if you've not watched that, you are missing EVERYTHING I THINK IS FUNNY IN ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Seriously, that has everything in it that I find hilarious. (And it's kind of how I imagine Stallioncrest turning out.)

Then we ate cookies and she painted her nails and we talked about boys and why she thinks they've not picked up on her awesome yet (I'm in no hurry for them to figure it out, let me tell you) and I just love how together she is. The most confident and secure in herself person I know, adult or otherwise. I feel pretty lucky.

So yesterday we had a load of dental trips, and the front desk lady - who I like, and it's not just because we know each other fairly well after all of these years - asked me about my "new website," because when The Mr. was there earlier in the week, he evidently was bragging about HDJM (aww) to her and saying she should read the recaps there.

EVERYONE AT MY DENTISTS OFFICE IS MORMON. If the cocktail recipes don't turn them off, the eff bombs, gay sex commentary and my Book of Mormon the Musical review should do it. (head desk.) LOL. We go back on Wed., I'll see if they ask us to find a new dentist then, I guess.

SPEAKING OF INAPPROPRIATE THINGS, today's Glee recap, for "Bad Reputation" has my most favorite thing they've done yet, the "Run Joey Run" video. Plus, the cocktail is the Blonde Lohan, and it's up to you if you want to put powdered sugar on the rim. (Can Jaegermeister be redeemed? Short answer: YES. As long as you don't drink too many of these.)

Oh, last thing! I mentioned flaming_muse's awesome Kurt/Blaine fic, and the last chapter went up today [chpt 1 linked at top of that page, btw] I AM NOT JOKING WHEN I SAY IT'S ONE OF THE GREATS. It's fluffy, but not cloying. There is actual character development, excellent writing, and you should go read it.
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