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Crazy Monday already

The Mr. was gone most of last week and all of the weekend on a golfing trip, and his flight was delayed last night by a few hours. Enough for him to slip into Dreamland in Birmingham, grab some ribs, and carry them home on the plane for me. Awww. Also, OM NOM NOM, best ribs in the world, hands down.

I'm way behind on everything I meant to do today, from staying up way too late last night. Ugh, I hate sleeping in to the point of missing a large portion of the morning, I'm a "get it done early" type of person. I'm in the middle of canning (round two, there will be a round three in a few weeks) and for those of you that put up food, you know how it can be. I have 12 quarts of tomato sauce done, and another 6 qts. to go, did 6 qts. of strawberry preserves on Friday, and I think I'm done with them. That's enough, my lands. Because peaches are coming in. *head desk* But it's nice to have that stuff in the fall and winter, right?

RIGHT?? *cries* I started making an "Apocalypse Survival" checklist Friday night, after a conversation with kita0610 in her LJ. I don't mean to brag (hahaha) but I'm totally ready to make it. I just need to dig a series of underground caves, and my progeny will live until the zombies have all died out/been blown apart. And remember: robot wars/rise of the machines is the simplest Armageddon's to fight: MAGNETS. That's all you need to know.

Oh, and because my girls rock, crazydiamondsue has last night's AWESOME True Blood recap up and ready, and elizardbits has her latest amazingly funny Spartacus recap up (blood and sand) and I've just posted the recap for the Jersey housewives. Oh my god, the food those people make! I wanna go for a holiday at the Manzos.

So get clicking over there, hit the "Like" buttons and the Google+ buttons and leave comments and be your typical fabulous selves. :)

OK, son is off to the oral surgeon in a bit, I've got to start canning tomatoes, and I would really like a personal assistant, thanks. GAH, TOO MUCH.
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