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So much going on!!

Is it just me? Is everyone swamped? Or is it just so hot all you can do is flop in a dark, cool spot? 112F outside yesterday, without any kind of heat index. This might be the hottest summer on record for us here. Damn. Because it's just disgusting outside, all of our schedules are jacked up. Everyone sleep in until well after noon and then we're all up into the small hours of the night, when it's bearable. I wish I could garden at 11pm - I have so much cleaning up to do out there, it's not even funny. Sorry neighbors, I know it looks awful.

Hoarders was on last night, and oh, that poor daughter of the man that hoarded paper (and kept his GAS STOVE BURNING to provide warmth!!) Good hell. So I'm totally BFF with Dr. Zasio and Matt Packard on FB now, so I'm pretty famous. (LOL.) I've heard back from Dr. Tompkins on his board, and there's a tiny bit of a silver lining in that situation, those of you who watch the program. (It's all in the recap.)

Sue's True Blood recaps continue to be a huge draw because she's so funny, and I see all of the traffic Liz is getting for her Spartacus recaps (I mean, just the intros are so damn funny. JUST HER INTROS.) Be sure to hit those magic "Like" and "Google +" buttons when you read and help some sisters out.

Sam has continued her Hunger Games recaps with Catching Fire and she is one of the funniest people I know. She's also new to all of this stuff, so be sure to help the younger generation out with love and support, grandmas. (Ahahaha.)

We are so close to our goal for the month, so every time you click, link back, or email links for your friends you're helping some chicks realize their dreams of being internet famous. Ha. But really, we would love to be able to have this be "what we do" and since a few of our writers have babies that need feeding, this could be an awesome dream job. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Imma jump in the pool and escape the heat for a bit. Then crawl into a closet and sleep for hours. Basically I'm turning into a vampire.
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