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Ack! We are experiencing technical difficulties...

Hey, Don't Judge Me is down for exceeding our bandwidth! Yikes. That's great that we're so busy, but it sucks that I woke up to that error message today. I'm waiting to hear back from my web host to see if we can't bump things up, and hopefully I won't have to jump ship to a larger host. I like that it was a boutique company with LJ connections. :( Also, it'll be a 24 - 72 hour downtime to switch DNS, etc., and I REALLY don't want that.

So: I know it's down, I'm swamped with emails, meanwhile Real Life has demands on me too, and I need all of my hair. Hang in there and we'll be back to normal soon?

Thank you!! <3
Tags: help?, hey don't judge me
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