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We're baaaaa-aaack

Back online, thanks to an awesome friend and his awesome geek skills. And having 5x the space of my other person. OH, WHAT A WEEKEND, YOU GUYS. Headache inducing to the extreme.

If you need something to read today, man, do we have it. Captain America? YES. Breaking Bad 4.2? You betcha. Glee and Lady Gaga? Done. Spartacus: Blood and Sand? IT IS ON ITS WAY.

Oh, and tomorrow there will be True Blood, RHoNJ, the Bachelorette, and maybe, oh... some Project Runway? BOOM. We're blowing up. (In my mind.) OH And JERSEY SHORE IN ITALY IS THURSDAY. Can.Not.Wait.

I'm going to be working on some swag and other fun things, so keep your eyes peeled. And everything should be lightning fast, to boot.

(And thanks to all of you who sent me emails and messages, you're SO SWEET. I appreciate it.) Now I have to dive into some brisket tacos that are so delicious it's almost criminal. And then I need to drink all the margaritas ever.
Tags: hey don't judge me, intarwebnets, ive lost my mind, writing is hard
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