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I didn't drink all the margaritas, it seems.

I guess there are these "future" drinks that haven't been made yet, and it's "physically impossible" for me to drink them. WHATEVER. Also: How about it, Science?!

Breaking Bad, 4.3 BOOM, done, waiting for you. Hoarders, Beverly/Megan SHAZAM, read about the cat poop. (Jes joo weeel eat the cah poo! Also? Milk was a bad choice.)

In other news, I am bad ass with a bow and arrow. My video game told me so. (Also, I actually am in real life, too. Apocalypse skill? CHECK.)

Speaking of, I'm still trying to work out the logistics of livestock in my apocalypse plan. Goat, sheep, for sure are necessary, as well as some chickens/doves. But a cow and donkey would be great, but where to put them so they're safe? I REQUIRE BEASTS OF BURDEN IN MY END OF DAYS PLAN.

My husband is still on vacation. I made him watch Hoarders with me. He just:
  • cleaned the bathroom sinks
  • scrubbed all the toilets
  • vacuumed the stairs and living room
  • washed the dishes.

ACCOMPLISHMENT. [/Principal Figgins]

I helped my cousin avoid a MASSIVE SCAM with her daughter, and I feel filled with virtue. (I think I've banked enough good karma that I can kill some clowns. I think it's 1 good deed = 1.62 dead clowns, but I don't know the rate of exchange for carnies, which will be more prevalent as they're in season.)

NOTE: if you're going to audition or "be paraded out" in front of "directors," um, that should NEVER EVER COST A FEE. Ever. You do not pay to audition. You do not pay to be "seen by a director." That is a scam. Save your money. [/PSA] Rainbow, the more you know!

Broccoli salad time, nom nom.
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