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Best thing said all day in the Warren Jeffs trial:

"Be quiet, Mr. Jeffs," State District Judge Barbara Walther said.

If you're not following the trial, you're doing your soul some good. I new some of the details coming to light but there were a few I didn't. And remember that Texas is known for "Don't Mess With Texas." He is going to go down, and the world will be better for it.

now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take all of the showers ever. Sorry, but I'm going to need yours. (And my heart goes out to Texas Ranger Nick Hanna, who had to listen to audio recording and transcribe them for the jurors. May he finally be able to sleep at night without that shit haunting him.) <-- if you don't know what's on the audio tape, it's a recorded sexual assault. You may not need to go looking for transcripts, okay?

Ugh. Time for lolcats and snoring puppies.
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