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Guys? I just need a hug.

Like the kind where I can tuck my head under your chin. I'm 5'6", so if I need to get you an apple box, I can.

WE ARE BACK, by the way, Hey, Don't Judge Me, I mean. Crazy security breach/server farm issues, all resolved, migration hiccups, all resolved, and I miraculously still have a head of hair.

It would be super keen if y'all clicked on various links on the page to give me an idea of how much we can take. (Also, we got a pretty sweet mention on the FRONT PAGE of METAFILTER, um, right when we crashed. D'oh! But still. Pretty sweet.)

Our pool was NINETY THREE DEGREES yesterday. Doesn't that sound awful? The air was 115, so it still felt good. Kinda. We're contemplating buying a bunch of bags of ice and throwing them in. Feh. This has been the second hottest summer (and driest) in Texas history. That's saying something, y'all.

I'm on pre-'ritas, moving on to ACTUAL 'ritas. I'm a mom, I can write you a note so you can start drinking them at work, too. HERE:

Dear ( your boss's/name ),

(Your name) has a medical condition that requires them to consume massive quantities of margaritas, hourly. Thank you for your understanding, and you have a little something right there. *licks thumb, wipes cheek*

A Mom, imbued with Mom Authority.

You're welcome.
Tags: hey don't judge me, random statements, texan, waaaah

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