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OMG, if I don't get a vacation I am going to explode.

I just shrieked at my kids for having their umpteenth argument. I mean, eyes closed, fists at my sides, foot bouncing SHRIEKED for them to stop it. Aaaaand I forgot that #2 had a friend over. You know what? I've had it with stupid fighting over remotes, who got the last popsicle, etc. DONE. Thinking about having multiple kids? Keep this in mind.

I did have a nice reprieve of silliness today, and that is in the form of the Guido-version of Leonardo da Vinci's "Man" I made. Yes, Jersey Shore is back, and they are in ITALY. I don't care, you guys, it is a work and a wonder and I am beyond happy about it.

Also, I have a regular writer pinch hitting for Project Runway, and she's playing a hard and fast game of catch-up, seeing as ep. 2 just aired, so be patient with us. Episode 1 juuuuust went up.

The Mr. is playing golf today. One, it's a million degrees outside. Two, I know he's still on his vacation before he starts traveling again next week, but Three, I COULD REALLY USE A VACATION.

I am absolutely burned out. Just all used up. I haven't felt like this since I gave birth. Calgon, take them away, (I like my house, I just want to be ALONE, omg.) I'm not even going to tell you about the ugly cry I had in the closet last night. Two more weeks, two more weeks, they go to school in two more weeks.
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