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Happy Birthday To Me!

Just thought I'd get that out of the way. :D It's been a nice one, quiet, had a good lunch with my dad, dinner tonight with the Mr. and not a stitch of cleaning will be done by me. Miss Emily turned 10 yesterday and I am officially out of babies. I even had to buy training bras this weekend. WAH, STOP GROWING.

The kids are having grandparent time starting Wednesday, so I have my house all to myself until SATURDAY. I might just pass out from excitement, I'm not even joking. I am going to be getting up to all sorts of shenanigans, just you watch. I might not even make my bed you guys, I just don't know how this fun fest is going to play itself out. Start saving bail money.

I'm going to take a break (I've been working all morning on the site, etc., because I'm a good do-bee) and shoot some Orcs in the face with bows and arrows for a bit because it's too hot to be outside. Again. Eh, that's August. Also, there is nothing more banal than someone dithering on about the weather, so I'll shaddup.

MEANWHILE, if you need something to read, we've got Planet of the Apes, Spartacus Blood and Sand 1.5, True Blood 4.7, and RHoNJ 3.12 for you! Tomorrow is Hoarders & Breaking Bad. Good stuff, folks, good stuff. (I'm most excited for Jersey Shore, won't lie. OH, and the Glee recaps will start back up this week, I def. needed last week off what with the site crashing every five minutes. Oy.)

ALSO I THINK I SHALL EATS SOME CAKES. I like making a cake for my daughter the day before - leftover cake is just enough. :)

OH!! AND I HAVE NOT WATCHED TRUE BLOOD. Please, no spoilers. 10-Q!
Tags: hey don't judge me, navel gazing, recap: real housewives of new jersey, recap: true blood
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