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Heart-felt thanks, and I beg you to talk to me about this lady

First, thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes. Too bad your wishes can't be cashed in, or I'd be rolling in dough. Way to go, folks, and how about it, science? The Mr. and I went to a fabulous dinner (our neighboring table gave us a bottle of wine! Score!) and I had literally the best piece of fish I've ever eaten in a restaurant. (Chilean sea bass.) It was perfection. The kids and the Mr. were super sweet, too. I don't usually make a big deal out of my birthday (my daughter's is the day before, it's HER day, you know?) so it was a nice surprise.

OKAY, HOARDERS, YOU GUYS. The recap is up, I got a reply to a query I sent the pro organizer (who also is one of the executive producers on the show, Dorothy Breninger) and she called me a gem and sent me X's and O's. I FEEL LIKE A LOVED LITTLE PRINCESS. I kinda wish I was joking. Anyway, the second lady on the show, Clare - she was AMAZING. Like a kind and gentle version of Norma Desmond crossed with Miss Havasham, but it was Pip that was conniving from the beginning. I wanted an entire hour with her. Her top knot! Her old pictures in Playboy outfits standing on bars! Everyone in the crew was charmed by her, AS WAS I.

Fascinating lady, for sure. HI EVERYONE. it's almost my vacation, wheeeeeee!
Tags: navel gazing, recap: hoarders

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