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I mean, I'm not going anywhere or anything, but my CHILDREN ARE. I love them dearly. And having space for three days will help me remember that. :D

Yesterday my sister and BiL came up to hang for the day, and they brought me maybe one of the most awesome gifts I've ever been given, a massive chunk of mineral/crystal that she found at that fantastic shop I mentioned a while back (with the crazy taxidermy and corals and old medical models, etc.) Also with it was a Dr. Dre sticker pack (various quotes from songs in Old Timey print) and a helpful guide from our friends at The Christian Life Commission:

What Liquor Is Doing To The Home! Hahahaha. Did you know that "the invasion of the American home by beverage alcohol is not a natural outgrowth of our American culture?" The most powerful weapon against alcohol is a belief in Christ (there's my problem!) and I guess the council wants people to forget about Jesus making wine so parties were more awesome? So funny.

Also, today is when the Glee recaps come back! The episode today is FUNK, and that wasn't the best. By far. In fact, it was pretty head-scratching in some places. But now I have a whole litany of awesome 70s music playing, so that's a good thing. Also a good thing? The Chaka Khan martini I made up. DAMN, it is tasty. (I did have a lot of fun with my recap, though. I wish Quinn Fabray did have a Mother Popcorn tat.)

And as soon as the kids are gone (T-minus 1:48 and counting) I am going to jump in the pool, make a margarita, and have BLISSFUL SILENCE. Ahhh!
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