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I might be rethinking this alone time.

It has been so long that I've been by myself that I hardly know what to do. Pathetic. Yesterday I swam, read, cleaned, played Oblivion, watched TV and talked out loud to the animals. A lot. LAME. (Speaking of, Sally Dog is beside herself with woe. She circled the house for hours last night looking for the babies. She's all mopey on her dergy berd, her babies next to her, and her head between her perws. She keeps sad sighing, you guys. STOP BEING SAD, PERPY, THEY WILL KERM HERM SERN.)

I'm going to take myself out to lunch because I know how to party. And then I'm going to write, and try to not be distracted by Mahjonng or one of my 2000 versions of Solitaire. That would just be a waste, right?


I DID, however, create an AMAZING cocktail last night, which is the featured drink today for the season one finale of Glee. I think I have more fun writing those than just about anything else. (Don't worry, I'm keeping my Baptist Council Anti-Alcohol pamphlet close. I won't let Satan take a holt of me.)

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day with Project Runway, Season 2 of Glee, and JERSEY SHORE. If you think you would hate that show, you have to watch them in Italy. IT IS CRAY-MAZING. I am so overjoyed, I can't even.

PHO, here I come. Get in mah belly with extra rooster sauce.
Tags: hey don't judge me, huh?, recap: glee
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