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A ChrismaKwanzaKuh Miracle!!!

Stupid old half dead cat showed up at the back door today! Three nights out in the wet and wind and 15 degrees Farenheit. Told ya: Teflon Kitty. We should take DNA samples and market it.

Thank you to everyone who expressed their love and hope over that bag o'bones... I'm hiding behind jokes because I'm shaking, really. TURD! Making me and the kids worry!! Ah, well. It'll be a good holiday now that all the fur babies are accounted for, all packages wrapped or well hidden, the kitchen is warm and has yummy smells spilling out, and I am not seeing my mother's family this year. Yay!!! No drunken aunts telling people they're fat, or dumbasses, or other general tearing down. Whee!!

Everyone be safe on the roads, eat lots and don't worry about it, and drink if you got it! Stay sober if that's your goal! I'm delirious with joy!!!
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