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I'm heading out to have tacos with a friend (SORRY LIZ) and go to that crazy store with all of the oddities. I'll take pics so you can see the coolness.

In the meantime, JERSEY SHORE is up (wow, I wasn't joking when I said this season was going to be entertaining. THREE WORDS: RESTREPO BLOW JOB. You'll have to click to find out.) and Glee's Season 2, Episode 1 recap is up and I thoughtfully put up a picture of Sam Evans in the shower for you. YOU'RE WELCOME. Also, there's a new drinking game card and today's cocktail is Sunshine's Crack House.

Wheeee! I'm gonna have fun like an adult with no worries! *Mary Tyler Moore spins*
Tags: ive lost my mind, recap: glee, recap: jersey shore

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