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  • I took my daughter for proper Under Things Fittings/Shopping this weekend, and she got over her initial embarrassment quickly when she saw that she would get pretty bras out of it. Lol. Thank you, Nordstrom's for being awesome. And for having a sale.

  • Now if I can only convince her that she doesn't need to buy boots in August when it's still 100+ degrees outside. School is in SIX DAYS AND CHANGE, YOU GUYS.

  • I love buying school supplies, even though I don't get to use them. Oh, Trapper Keepers with multi-pockets, you are still a delight.

  • Real Housewives last night: ASHLEY GOT HER ASS HANDED TO HER. Partly. I wax philosophic in this week's recap. Also, I go off on Teresa's evil children:

"The crew looks as if they’d like to electrocute themselves. Milania, the holy terror, starts brandishing knives and when her eyes roll back and smoke starts to pour out of her hollowed eye sockets, the photographer says nervously to his PA, “That’s insane, we have to shut it down.” He tells the girls with a smile to “rest a bit.” The PA rushes off to find an exorcist.

An hour later everyone is in a new wardrobe but no priest could be found, so Milania starts babbling in four languages at once, the baby lifts her shirt to show that “HELP ME” is being written from the inside of her body, and Gia does her best Ashley impression by hating everything and everyone and just wanting to be left alone to do what she wants to do.

The photographers flirt with death by saying, “Thank you Gia, I know that was a challenge for you!” when they wrap her part up. Don’t be surprised, photographers, when you wake up in a cold sweat to see the bug-eyed Milania sitting in the corner, your parents’ hands in her mouth, their blood dripping onto her white tulle dress."

Also: I had naughty dreams about Albie Manzo. I blame his diamond push ups from last night's show. (What on earth??)

Guys, IDK about True Blood. I mean, yes, I'm still going to watch it, I've said this for four seasons now. BUT WHAT THE HELL. SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT.


  • I love Eric. I do not love four year old with a boner Eric. I love Pam. I do not love unable to kill and destroy Tara Pam. I was totally rooting for her to kill Tara, what does that tell you about my love for either character? I'm so over Tara, it's not even funny.

  • I THOUGHT JESSICA REALLY KILLED HOYT. And, um, I kinda wished that hadn't been a dream. And I like Hoyt.

  • Jason doing push ups is a delight and unf-inducing.

  • Is it just me (of course not) or is the sex really boring? And kinda weird? ANNA PAQUIN LEARN HOW TO MOVE YOUR BODY. Fuck, I'm tired of saying that. Also, I was promised hot shower sex and I got weird IKEA fur throws on a log cabin bed in the snow. NO.

  • I love Aunt Petunia, I enjoy the story, but I wish she'd decide on an accent and stick with it.

  • It's almost over, right? OH. TOMMY AS FORTENBERRY. LOL x forever.

  • Quit making me like/sympathize with Debbie fucking Pelt. She was a cunt in the book, I want her to be one on the show, too.

I need to buy new school shoes for everyone today. My life is a whirligig of excitement, I know. (And Hoarders is tonight! My new boyfriend Matt Paxton is on it, be sure to tune in.)

[ETA] my husband just said the most romantic thing to me ever: "How about I start cleaning the closet and bathroom and I open us a bottle of wine?" I WANT TO SAY "I DO" ALL OVER AGAIN. <3 <3 <3
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