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So I'm totally BFF with Matt Paxton and Dorothy Breininger now.

In my mind. Ahaha. Every time they respond to me I get a thrill. I AM A DORK, YOU KNEW THIS. (He posted to his FACEBOOK! Eeee!)

Also, I've got my husband hooked on Hoarders now, and he cleans the house in anticipation. WIN! (Speaking of, last night's recap is up. There was an animal hoarder, so there's your warning. You can skip past it easily, I have the two segments marked.)

We've also got True Blood's recap (with the crazy Narnia sex) Spartacus Blood and Sand, and Breaking Bad up, for those of you who love those shows. (Or just love to talk about it.)

Sam, the fabulous recapper of "Captain America" is going to take care of Fright Night and Conan, so you have that to look forward to next week. I'M OVERCOME WITH ANTICI- wait for it - PATION.

OH HEY THE KIDS ARE GOING TO THE OTHER GRANDPARENTS TOMORROW THROUGH THE WEEKEND AND I'M BESIDE MYSELF. I get to have a clean house that is quiet for a few days!! \o/ They're all just antsy about school starting back up, I get it, but OY this has been a hard summer. Too hot to go outside, too hot to drive the car, ugh. We've all been on top of each other for weeks.


[ETA] OMG how could I forget to ask if any of y'all watched Dallas' Most Eligible last night!? Ahahaha, I'm hooked, I tells ya.
Tags: hey don't judge me, ive lost my mind, recap: hoarders, recap: true blood

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