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I think I've made a huge mistake.

I introduced my kids to Mr. Bill. Now I know why my parents rolled their eyes whenever we said in high pitched voices, "Oh nooooooooo!" This can only end badly. (Death or scientific experiments.)

I have made a punch every New Years Eve that is notorious for being deceptively strong (and very tasty.) Because today's recap for Glee is the Brittany-centric ep where everyone hallucinates about Britney Spears means there are a LOT of Bingo spaces covered, I needed a punch recipe. So feel free to go grab that, it's quite a tasty number to have in your arsenal (and be prepared to double it.)

I'm getting a taste of freedom tonight: we drop off school supplies for Miss Emily and then they're all spending the next two nights with Grandma (my step-mom.) The Mr. and I are going to get up to as many monkey shines as possible, maybe toss some shenanigans in there, who knows.

Livin' on the edge. OH, Brits! Have you seen The Hours? Or is that premiering in the US and the UK tonight? It looks like a more introspective Mad Men.
Tags: ive lost my mind, recap: glee
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