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  • I walked away from my dad last night mid-conversation because he started spouting talk radio paranoid bullshit. Felt pretty good about doing it, too.

  • Had a leisurely breakfast and morning with the Mr. as we are sans children, and I don't even feel bad about missing my self-imposed 3pm post time

  • Speaking of, today's Glee recap is for Grilled Cheesus, and I tweaked a bloody mary recipe and am calling it The Hell Spawn (or The Atheist, choose your name)

  • It's freaking delicious, and how we make ours, typically

  • We have more Project Runway up, it's an episode behind, but we're coming in after the show started, whaddya gonna do?

  • My sister confessed that she started watching Jersey Shore. AHAHAHA, SUCKER! I love it. Like, I love the show, and I love that she's been tricked. Muah ah ah.

  • And guess what's on tonight? *dolphin noises*

  • BRB, swimming with the husband SANS CHILDREN. We are like childless vagabonds!
Tags: hey don't judge me, random statements, recap: glee

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