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Well THAT was entertaining. Kinda.

I had a 2hr massage today, and my normal girl wasn't available, so I got the short straw. She was illegitimately crazy. Waxed philosophic about aliens living in the center of the earth, because "something's going on down there!" She's also a dog whisperer and multiple other fun little facts.

Now, normally I'd roll with it, if only to get some new stories, right? But I really really needed a massage and she wouldn't. stop. talking. For two hours. She didn't get the "mm hmm" noncommittal responses, or when I wouldn't say anything, she'd wait a moment and then say, "Well, anyway, blah blah blah" SHE ACTUALLY SAID BLAH BLAH BLAH. Then would start a new topic. I know I should have said that I want quiet, but I'm too freaking southern and can't be rude. I KNOW IT'S NOT REALLY RUDE. But that still small voice done tole me to find a secret place in my mind and go to there.


In other news, I have today's Glee recap up, it's the Rocky Horror ep! And I hate Rocky Horror. Do you know how hard it is to not be a dick when you don't like something? I did my best, and also, there is a super fabulous cocktail based on Frank N Furter's costume with honeydew melon balls and Midori.

[ETA: It's Offical!] We'll start featuring "Top Chef: Just Desserts" starting tomorrow, premiere is tonight!

In other other news, Smidgen wants you all to know that my presence is required in her daily scritching, as she keeps walking across the keyboard. I think this post took 30 minutes to write, OKAY CAT I AM COMING GOD.
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